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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ralph Lauren Smart Shirts

Ralph Lauren Checkered Comel Shirt
Sizes available: 12 months and 18 months (SOLD); TQVM NANA..!

Ralph Lauren Blue Linen Shirt
Sizes available: 9 months and 2 years
Ralph Lauren Smarty Stripes Shirt
Sizes available : 4 years old

RRP : RM 90 ++
CC PRICE : RM 55 ONLY! (Individual Price)


Fadhilah H said...

the Checkered Ralph is so cute. hmm i'm not an expert in designs so may not give any comment about the layout of this page. in time, surely u can do some improvement with this site. but for the moment, i think it's good enought, for a beginner. ;)

Cherry_Comel said...

;-) Comel kan? Hihi.. Thank U for your constructive comments..

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